Anna Duncan

Working on biocompatible nanoparticle systems for use as MRI contrast agents.

Daohe Yuan

Working on functionalised silica nanoparticles for optical and Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

Jack Howley

Working on a novel bottom-up approach for the synthesis of group III-V semiconductor nanoparticles.

Lillian Leutloff

Working on parmagnetic inorganic-organic hybrid nanoparticle imaging systems.

Shaoyu Kang

Working on electrochemical microfluidics and kinetics quantification in diagnostics.

Sophia Abusamra

Investigating metabolic plasticity in prostate cancer bone metastases and novel circulating tumour cell (CTC) isolation methodology. More specifically, developing nanoparticle and microfluidic-based approaches for detection and isolation of prostate cancer CTCs.

Sophie Patrick

Developing novel electrochemical ion sensing methodologies, and exploring the ion sensing performance of a range of supramolecular hosts in solution, and at receptive films.

Xuanxiao Chen

Working on the electrochemical modification of proteins in vitro and in cellulo.

Dr Robert Barber

Working on the establishment of highly sensitive circulating tumour cell assays

Felix Fleschhut

Working on redox capacitive assaying of biomarkers for the early detection of Parkinson's.

James Smith
Working on paramagnetic bioresponsive nanoparticles as MRI contrast agents.
Luna Wu
Working on electrochemical microfluidics and quantification in the diagnostics of Parkinson's disease.
Rong Huang
Working on polymer-based nanoparticles as responsive MRI contrast agents.
Sacha Chowdhury
Developing antifouling strategies for improved specificity in electrochemical biosensors.
Zhexu Xi

Working on developing new exosomal diagnostic assays relevant to Parkinsons.

The Postdogs

Working on NOT chasing wild animals and improving" the group leaders 10k time


Multiple previous members of the group are now in academic positions around the world, including:

  • Dr Jan Tkac (Professor of Chemistry, Slocak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia)
  • Dr Xiliang Luo (Professor of Chemistry, Qingdao University of Science and Technology)
  • Dr Joshua Lehr (University of Salford)
  • Dr Gemma Louise-Davies (Lecturer in Chemistry, UCL, London)
  • Dr Mohamed Sharafeldin (University of Otago, New Zealand)
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